Section 1: Plot Summary
Red Moon Rising by Peter Moore is a book about Vampires, Werewulves, and Humans all in one world trying to get along and about how a young character goes through “the change” as every wulf must. In this book, a young wereewulve at birth, but failed genetically changed vampire discovers that even though he has most of the genetic treatments successfully, he will still have to go through "the change." The change happens to every werewulve once a month where they are turned into bloodthirsty, wild, hairy werewulves and are sent off to violent compounds where they are often abused. Werewulves are treated terribly in this society of vampires and humans. Dante has a werewulve dad and a vampire mom who are divorced. He lives with his vampire mom and she had him and her other two daughters and made them all get genetical treatments to remove their werewulve genes. This works for her daughters, but only about half of the treatments are successful for Dante, but they still thought he would not have to go through the change. Just as Dante's life is going great, he has a new human girlfriend of his dreams named emma, he's getting along with everyone at school, and plenty more, he discovers wis werewulve genes are kicking in. When Dante's parents decide to illegally not register him so he will not have to go to the awful compounds, Gunther Hoering finds out and tries to get Dante busted, but when his plan doesn;t work, Gunther tries to kill him. I would explain more but i do not want to give away the ending. Overall this book is in my top 5 books ever read. This books genre would fall under young adult fiction, and fantasy.
Red Moon Rising by Peter Moore, picture from
external image red-moon-rising.jpg

Section 2: About the Author
Peter Moore has been interested in writing fiction since he was eleven. After high school, Mooreattended VassarCollegeand ColumbiaUniversity, and considered taking a job for the FBI, but he never actually took the job. Peter Moore has had many jobs in the past such as a college professor, a screenwriter, a guidance counselor and an English teacher. Now, he lives with his family which consists of his wife and two kids and lives in Westchester, New York. Red Moon Rising is his third book he has written for young adults. There is nothing to be said about Peter Moore’s life that contributed to his writing besides the fact that he likes to write. This information was provided in the back of Red Moon Rising.
Peter Moore, picture provided by
external image peter-nov-2010-bw-levelled.jpg

Section 3: Other Works by Peter Moore
Some other books by Peter Moore are…
The Wrong Way Home
external image 9780553817003.gif
The Full Montezuma
external image books?id=EFpFTdyMA6YC&printsec=frontcover&img=1&zoom=1
Vroom by the Sea
external image 6329554.jpg
Blind Sighted
external image blind-sighted-peter-moore-paperback-cover-art.jpg
external image 9781847736451.jpg

Section 4: Social Issue Relevance
In Red Moon Rising many of the Vamps disrespect wulves and bully them due to their ugly appearance and violent nature, whereas the Vamps and humans are clean, neat, and sophisticated. So my social relevance is bullying. A bully is someone who wants to purposely cause harm to someone else. Statistics are showing that bullying is becoming an extreme issue. The types of bullying include verbal, physical, social, and cyber bullying. Verbal bullying is mostly name calling or teasing/mocking. Physical bullying is the traditional form of bullying and involves punching, shoving, hitting, and any other act of violence to cause harm. Social bullying is spreading rumors, breaking up friendships, and all to hurt or harm someone else, and cyber bullying is bullying over the internet, email, texting, tweeting, or any other technologies to hurt or harm others. All of these are bullying whether it’s from calling somebody stupid to punching them in the face. Bullying is typically not a one time thing; usually somebody will bully someone many times repeatedly. Nearly 1 in 3 students is involved in bullying, so if you see it, tell someone. The sources I got this information from are and If you would like to know more about bullying and how to stop it go to either of the following websites.
Pictures of bullying:
fight.jpg external image bullies.jpg

Section 5: Dramatization of the Book
If I were to making a movie of this book I would choose the following actors/actresses to portray the main characters:
As Dante I would have Taylor Lautner, because he is short and dark haired and has experience playing a werewulve.
external image taylor-lautner-golden-globe-1.jpg
As Gunther I would have Robert Pattinson, because he is pale, tall, and has experience playing as a vampire.
external image t-06060.jpg
As Juliet I would choose Emma Watson because she has a lot of acting experience and fits Juliet’s description with red hair and a human.
external image gallery_main-emma-watson-2010-met-costume-gala-red-carpet-photos-05042010-10.jpg

Section 6: About the Reader
My name is Garrett Smitley and I am the reader of Red Moon Rising. I am 15 and a freshman at Gahanna Lincoln High School. I have blonde hair and am a Caucasian male. I play soccer, I am funny, and I am nice. I like to play video games, hang out with friends, and listen to music. If I were to rate Red Moon Rising from 1-10, 1 being the lowest, 10 being great, and 5 being average, I would give it an 8.

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